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  1. smack, cuff, paddle (US & Canadian), slap

'spank' in Other Languages

  • American English: spankPronunciation for spank If someone spanks a child, they punish them by hitting them on the bottom several times with their hand.When we were kids, our mom never spanked us. spanks, spanking, spanked
  • Arabic: يَضْرِبُ عَلَى الْكُفْلPronunciation for يَضْرِبُ عَلَى الْكُفْل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bater com a palmaPronunciation for bater com a palma
  • Chinese: 打屁股Pronunciation for 打屁股
  • Croatian: tući rukom po stražnjiciPronunciation for tući rukom po stražnjici
  • Czech: naplácatPronunciation for naplácatmalému dítěti
  • Danish: smækkePronunciation for smække
  • Dutch: voor de broek gevenPronunciation for voor de broek geven
  • European Spanish: golpearPronunciation for golpear
  • Finnish: antaa selkäsaunaPronunciation for antaa selkäsauna
  • French: fesserPronunciation for fesser
  • German: verhauenPronunciation for verhauen
  • Greek: ξυλοφορτώνωPronunciation for ξυλοφορτώνω
  • Italian: sculacciarePronunciation for sculacciare
  • Japanese: ひっぱたくPronunciation for ひっぱたく
  • Korean: 찰싹 때리다Pronunciation for 찰싹 때리다
  • Norwegian: risePronunciation for rise
  • Polish: dać klapsaPronunciation for dać klapsa dawać klapsa
  • Portuguese: dar uma palmadaPronunciation for dar uma palmada
  • Romanian: a trage o palmă
  • Russian: шлепатьPronunciation for шлепать
  • Spanish: dar una nalgadaPronunciation for dar una nalgada
  • Swedish: ge smiskPronunciation for ge smisk
  • Thai: ตีก้นเพื่อลงโทษPronunciation for ตีก้นเพื่อลงโทษ
  • Turkish: şaplak atmakPronunciation for şaplak atmak
  • Ukrainian: ляскати ляснути
  • Vietnamese: phát vào ngườiPronunciation for phát vào người


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