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annoyance (əˈnɔɪəns )



  1. an annoying or being annoyed
  2. a thing or person that annoys


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= nuisance, bore, bother, drag (informal), pain (informal)

Translations for 'annoyance'

  • American English: annoyance Annoyance is the feeling that you get when someone makes you feel fairly angry or impatient.To her annoyance the stranger did not go away.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aborrecimento
  • Chinese: 厌烦厌厭烦煩
  • European Spanish: enfado
  • French: contrariété
  • German: Ärger
  • Italian: irritazione
  • Japanese: いらだち
  • Korean: 짜증
  • Portuguese: aborrecimento
  • Spanish: enojo

Example Sentences Including 'annoyance'

Cat knew she did, from the expression of surprise and faint annoyance on her face.
Diana Wynne Jones CHARMED LIFE (1977)


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