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Definitions of art

art (ɑrt )



  1. human ability to make things; creativity of man as distinguished from the world of nature
  2. skill; craftsmanship
  3. any specific skill or its application   ⇒ the art of making friends
  4. any craft, trade, or profession, or its principles   ⇒ the cobbler's art, the physician's art
  5. creative work or its principles; a making or doing of things that display form, beauty, and unusual perception: art includes painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, drama, the dance, etc. see also fine art
  6. any branch of creative work, esp. painting, drawing, or work in any other graphic or plastic medium
  7. products of creative work; paintings, statues, etc.
  8. pictorial and decorative material accompanying the text in a newspaper, magazine, or advertising layout
    1. (archaic) learning
    2. a branch of learning
    3. ([pl.]) the liberal arts (literature, music, philosophy, etc.) as distinguished from the sciences
  9. artful behavior; cunning
  10. sly or cunning trick; wile (usually used in pl.)


  1. of or for works of art or artists   ⇒ art gallery, art colony
art1, the word of widest application in this group, denotes in its broadest sense merely the ability to make something or to execute a plan; skill implies expertness or great proficiency in doing something; artifice implies skill used as a means of trickery or deception; craft implies ingenuity in execution, sometimes even suggesting trickery or deception; in another sense, craft is distinguished from art in its application to a lesser skill involving little or no creative thought

Word Origin

ME < OFr arte < L ars (gen. artis), art < IE base * ar-, to join, fit together > arm1, , arm2, , articulate, , ratio, L artus, joint

art (ɑrt )


intransitive verb

  1. (archaic) be (used with thou)



  1. article
  2. artificial

-art (ərt )


  1. -ard   ⇒ braggart

Translations for 'art'

  • American English: art Art consists of paintings, sculpture, and other pictures or objects that are created for people to look at....modern American art. arts
  • Arabic: فَنّمهارة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arte
  • Chinese: 艺术
  • Croatian: umjetnost
  • Czech: umění
  • Danish: kunst
  • Dutch: kunst
  • European Spanish: arte
  • Finnish: taide
  • French: art
  • German: Kunst Künste
  • Greek: τέχνη
  • Italian: arte
  • Japanese: 美術
  • Korean: 예술
  • Norwegian: kunst
  • Polish: sztukadziedzina
  • Portuguese: arte
  • Romanian: artă arte
  • Russian: искусство
  • Spanish: arte
  • Swedish: konst
  • Thai: ศิลปะ
  • Turkish: sanat
  • Ukrainian: мистецтво
  • Vietnamese: nghệ thuật

Example Sentences Including 'art'

Judy had been painting since she broke up with Kurt, who had left some of his art supplies behind.
Lisa Scottoline ROUGH JUSTICE (2001)


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