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Baird (bɛrd Pronunciation for Baird


  1. ˈJohn Logie(ˈloʊgi Pronunciation for )1888-1946; Scot. inventor & television pioneer

Example Sentences Including 'Baird'

Baird added: "I just hope it's okay to mix Hoagizine with the broad-spectrum soup I currently take at noon.
Onion (2004)
But in a day when women were not always welcome, Mrs. Baird had a tough time finding her place in the sporting world.
Seattle Times (2004)
Former lead prosecutor Jeff Baird was moved from the Rafay case last year to work on the Gary L. Ridgway murder trial.
Seattle Times (2002)
See Featherstone and Hepworth, `Images of Ageing," in Coleman and Baird , 250 - 75.
Fraser, Steven (editor) The Bell Curve Wars: Race, Intelligence, and the Future of America (1995)


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