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  1. British Broadcasting Corporation

Example Sentences Including 'BBC'

But the few snippets of BBC broadcasts over which he heard his sister's voice were all he needed.
French, Vivian &Fisher, Chris (illustrator) The Staple Street Gang: Mandy and the Purple Spotted Hanky (1993)
In an interview with the BBC , one of Movsar's men denied any link to al-Qaeda.
Time Magazine (2002)
"We're like a bad tea bag," Rangers manager Ian Holloway told the BBC.
Seattle Times (2004)
In particular, the BBC 's sports Web site will feature a live video simulcast from the Beeb's broadcasts.
Seattle Times (2004)
Nevertheless, Adamski achieved world fame, even to the extent of appearing on the sober BBC current-affairs programme Panorama.
Davies, Paul C. W. Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life (1995)


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