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big (bɪg )



Word forms:  ˈbigger,  ˈbiggest
    1. of great size, extent, or capacity; large
    2. great in amount or quantity
    3. great in force or intensity   ⇒ a big wind
    1. full-grown
    2. elder   ⇒ his big sister
    1. far advanced in pregnancy (with)
    2. filled or swelling (with)
  1. loud
    1. important or outstanding   ⇒ to do big things
    2. very well known; famous
    3. popular; very well liked
  2. boastful; pompous; extravagant   ⇒ big talk
  3. (US) generous; noble   ⇒ a big heart


Word forms:  ˈbigger,  ˈbiggest
  1. pompously; boastfully; extravagantly   ⇒ to talk big
  2. impressively
  3. in a broad way; showing imagination   ⇒ think big!

Derived Forms

ˈbigness noun

Word Origin

ME < Gmc *bugja, swollen up, thick (> bug2 & Norw dial. bugge, big man) < IE base * beu-, * bheu-, to blow up, swell > , puck2, L bucca, puffed cheek

Translations for 'big'

  • American English: big A big person or thing is large in size or great in degree, extent, or importance.Australia's a big country. bigger, biggest
  • Arabic: كَبِير
  • Brazilian Portuguese: grande
  • Chinese: 大的
  • Croatian: velik velika
  • Czech: velký
  • Danish: stor
  • Dutch: groot
  • European Spanish: grande
  • Finnish: iso
  • French: grandtaille
  • German: groß
  • Greek: μεγάλος μεγάλη
  • Italian: grande
  • Japanese: 大きい
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: stor
  • Polish: duży duża
  • Portuguese: grande
  • Romanian: mare mare, mare, mari, mari
  • Russian: большой большая
  • Spanish: grande
  • Swedish: stor stort
  • Thai: ใหญ่
  • Turkish: büyük
  • Ukrainian: великий
  • Vietnamese: to lớn

Example Sentences Including 'big'

I think having you between us made your father see the big picture.
Karin Slaughter BLINDSIGHTED (2001)


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