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big (bɪg Pronunciation for )



Word forms:  ˈbigger,  ˈbiggest
    1. of great size, extent, or capacity; large
    2. great in amount or quantity
    3. great in force or intensity   ⇒ a big wind
    1. full-grown
    2. elder   ⇒ his big sister
    1. far advanced in pregnancy (with)
    2. filled or swelling (with)
  1. loud
    1. important or outstanding   ⇒ to do big things
    2. very well known; famous
    3. popular; very well liked
  2. boastful; pompous; extravagant   ⇒ big talk
  3. (US) generous; noble   ⇒ a big heart


Word forms:  ˈbigger,  ˈbiggest
  1. pompously; boastfully; extravagantly   ⇒ to talk big
  2. impressively
  3. in a broad way; showing imagination   ⇒ think big!

Derived Forms

ˈbigness noun

Word Origin

ME < Gmc *bugja, swollen up, thick (> bug2 & Norw dial. bugge, big man) < IE base * beu-, * bheu-, to blow up, swell > , puck2, L bucca, puffed cheek

Translations for 'big'

  • American English: bigPronunciation for big A big person or thing is large in size or great in degree, extent, or importance.Australia's a big country. bigger, biggest
  • Arabic: كَبِيرPronunciation for كَبِير
  • Brazilian Portuguese: grandePronunciation for grande
  • Chinese: 大的Pronunciation for 大的
  • Croatian: velikPronunciation for velik velika
  • Czech: velkýPronunciation for velký
  • Danish: storPronunciation for stor
  • Dutch: grootPronunciation for groot
  • European Spanish: grandePronunciation for grande
  • Finnish: isoPronunciation for iso
  • French: grandPronunciation for grandtaille
  • German: großPronunciation for groß
  • Greek: μεγάλοςPronunciation for μεγάλος μεγάλη
  • Italian: grandePronunciation for grande
  • Japanese: 大きいPronunciation for 大きい
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 큰
  • Norwegian: storPronunciation for stor
  • Polish: dużyPronunciation for duży duża
  • Portuguese: grandePronunciation for grande
  • Romanian: mare mare, mare, mari, mari
  • Russian: большойPronunciation for большой большая
  • Spanish: grandePronunciation for grande
  • Swedish: storPronunciation for stor stort
  • Thai: ใหญ่Pronunciation for ใหญ่
  • Turkish: büyükPronunciation for büyük
  • Ukrainian: великий
  • Vietnamese: to lớnPronunciation for to lớn

Example Sentences Including 'big'

I think having you between us made your father see the big picture.
Karin Slaughter BLINDSIGHTED (2001)
Now he's calling on his leader to make big changes in the way that the Palestinian Authority does business.
Time Magazine (2002)
The big message was: You live in a special place; don't take it for granted.
Seattle Times (2002)
Through their support, he drove new cars and lived in a big house along Lake Washington.
Seattle Times (2002)
Abraham is not threatening to Abimelech in Genesis 20. He shows up; he's a big leader.
Bruce Feiler WALKING THE BIBLE (2001)


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