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coastline (ˈkoʊstˌlaɪn )



  1. the contour or outline of a coast

Translations for 'coastline'

  • American English: coastline A country's coastline is the outline of its coast. coastlinesThis is some of the most exposed coastline in the world.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: litoral
  • Chinese: 海岸线海岸线線
  • European Spanish: litoral
  • French: côte
  • German: Küste
  • Italian: linea costiera
  • Japanese: 海岸線
  • Korean: 해안선
  • Portuguese: litoral
  • Spanish: litoral

Example Sentences Including 'coastline'

The peak sat off center, more than a kilometer in from the eastern coastline , a yolk floating to the right in a fried egg.
Gregg Andrew Hurwitz MINUTES TO BURN (2001)


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