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coefficient (ˌkoʊəˈfɪʃənt Pronunciation for )



  1. a factor that contributes to produce a result
  2. (ancient mathematics) a number or algebraic symbol prefixed as a multiplier to a variable or unknown quantity (Ex.: x in x(y+z), 6 in 6ab)
  3. (physics) a number, constant for a given substance, used as a multiplier in measuring the change in some property of the substance under given conditions   ⇒ the coefficient of expansion

Word Origin

co- + , efficient: orig. an adj. meaning “cooperating”

Example Sentences Including 'coefficient'

polynomials term: variables multiplied by a coefficient degree of polynomial = the degree of the term with the highest degree Hello?
Meggin Cabot THE PRINCESS DIARIES volume 1 (2000)
LilyPond and LaTeX are an order of magnitude less complex, even if the coefficient is higher than, say, MS Word or Finale.
SlashDot (2004)
And it's almost invisible to the wind with a very low.27 coefficient of drag (or.26 with the optional rear spoiler).
Chicago Sun-Times (2002)
Net revenue contribution and contribution coefficient are typically high, are indeed typically higher than they should be.
Peter F. Drucker MANAGING FOR RESULTS (1986)


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