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coefficient (ˌkoʊəˈfɪʃənt )



  1. a factor that contributes to produce a result
  2. (ancient mathematics) a number or algebraic symbol prefixed as a multiplier to a variable or unknown quantity (Ex.: x in x(y+z), 6 in 6ab)
  3. (physics) a number, constant for a given substance, used as a multiplier in measuring the change in some property of the substance under given conditions   ⇒ the coefficient of expansion

Word Origin

co- + , efficient: orig. an adj. meaning “cooperating”

Example Sentences Including 'coefficient'

polynomials term: variables multiplied by a coefficient degree of polynomial = the degree of the term with the highest degree Hello?
Meggin Cabot THE PRINCESS DIARIES volume 1 (2000)


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