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corporation (ˌkɔrpəˈreɪʃən )



  1. a legal entity that exists independently of the person or persons who have been granted the charter creating it and that is invested with many of the rights given to individuals: a corporation may enter into contracts, buy and sell property, etc.
  2. a group of people, as the mayor and aldermen of an incorporated town, legally authorized to act as an individual
  3. any of the political and economic bodies forming a corporative state, each being composed of the employers and employees in a certain industry, profession, etc.
  4. (informal) a large, prominent belly

Word Origin

ME corporacioun < LL(Ec) corporatio, assumption of a body, incarnation < pp. of L corporare: see corporate; (sense 4) prob. from assoc. with , corpulent, etc.


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= business, association, corporate body, society
= town council, civic authorities, council, municipal authorities
= potbelly, paunch, beer belly (informal), middle-age spread (informal), spare tire (slang), spread (informal)

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Example Sentences Including 'corporation'

At the very least, they had been involved with Morgana, Inc., the shadow corporation that dealt in illegal arms trading.
Lustbader, Eric Floating City (1994)


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