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crisscross (ˈkrɪsˌkrɔs )



  1. a mark made of two crossed lines (X), often used as a signature by people who cannot write their names
  2. a pattern made of crossed lines
  3. a being confused or at cross-purposes


  1. marked with or moving in crossing lines

transitive verb

  1. to mark or cover with crossing lines
  2. to move to and fro across

intransitive verb

  1. to move crosswise


  1. crosswise
  2. awry

Word Origin

ME Christcros, Christ's cross, the cross at the head of an alphabet, for the symbol X (Gr χ), abbrev. of Christ ( Christos)

Translations for 'crisscross'

  • American English: criss-crosscrisscross If a person or thing criss-crosses an area, they travel from one side to the other and back again many times, following different routes. If a number of things criss-cross an area, they cross it, and cross over each other. criss-crossed, criss-crosses, criss-crossingThey criss-crossed the country by bus.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: entrecruzar
  • Chinese: 交叉往返
  • European Spanish: recorrer de punta a punta
  • French: parcourir en long et en large
  • German: durchqueren
  • Italian: attraversare in tutti i sensi
  • Japanese: 行き来する
  • Korean: 누비고 다니다
  • Portuguese: atravessar
  • Spanish: recorrer de punta a punta

Example Sentences Including 'crisscross'

A rough sketch showed two rows of trees felled in a crisscross pattern, blasted but still clinging to their stumps.
Gregg Andrew Hurwitz MINUTES TO BURN (2001)


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