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Definitions of cross

cross (krɔs Pronunciation for krɑs Pronunciation for )



  1. an upright post with a bar across it near the top, to which the ancient Romans fastened convicted persons to die
  2. a representation or figure of a cross, used as a badge, decoration, etc.; also, such a badge, decoration, etc.   ⇒ the Distinguished Service Cross
  3. a monument in the form of a cross, or with a cross on it, marking a crossroad, boundary, grave, etc.
  4. a staff with a cross at the top, carried before an archbishop as a sign of his authority
    1. a representation of a cross, in any of various recognized forms, as a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus, hence of the Christian religion
    2. a crucifix
    1. the act of crossing, as from one side of a stage to the other
    2. the act of crossing oneself
  5. any trouble or affliction that one has to bear; also, anything that thwarts or frustrates
  6. any design, mark, or object made by two lines or surfaces that intersect one another
  7. such a mark (X) made as a signature, as by a person who cannot write
    1. a crossing, or mixing, of varieties or breeds; hybridization
    2. the result of such mixing; hybrid
  8. something that combines the qualities of two different things or types
  9. (slang) a dishonest action, fixed contest or match, etc.
  10. (boxing) a blow delivered over and across the opponent's lead
  11. ([C-]) Northern Cross
  12. ([C-]) Southern Cross

transitive verb

  1. to make the sign of the cross over or upon
  2. to place across or crosswise   ⇒ cross your fingers
  3. to lie or cut across; intersect   ⇒ where two streets cross one another
  4. to draw or put a line or lines across   ⇒ cross your t's
  5. to pass over; go from one side to the other of; go across   ⇒ to cross the ocean
  6. to carry or lead across
  7. to extend or reach across   ⇒ the bridge crosses a river
  8. to meet and pass (each other)
  9. to bring into contact, causing electrical interference   ⇒ the wires were crossed
  10. to go counter to; thwart; oppose
  11. to interbreed (animals or plants); breed (an individual of one type) with one of another; hybridize; cross-fertilize

intransitive verb

  1. to lie across; intersect
  2. to go or extend from one side to the other (often with over)
  3. to pass each other while moving in opposite directions
  4. to interbreed; hybridize; cross-fertilize


  1. lying or passing across or through; transverse; crossing or crossed   ⇒ cross street, cross ventilation
  2. going counter; contrary; opposed   ⇒ at cross purposes
  3. irritated or irritable; ill-tempered
  4. involving reciprocal actions, etc.
  5. of mixed variety or breed; hybrid; crossbred
  6. (archaic) causing harm; unfavorable


  1. crosswise

Derived Forms

ˈcrossable adjective
ˈcrossly adverb
ˈcrossness noun

Word Origin

< ME cros & crois; cros < OE cros & ON kross, both < OIr cros < L crux (gen. crucis), a cross < IE * kreuk-, extension of base * (s)ker-, to turn, bend > L curvus; ME crois < OFr < L crux


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= go across, bridge, cut across, extend over, move across, pass over, span, traverse
= intersect, crisscross, intertwine
= interbreed, blend, crossbreed, cross-fertilize, cross-pollinate, hybridize, intercross, mix, mongrelize
= crucifix, rood
= crossroads, crossing, intersection, junction
= mixture, amalgam, blend, combination
= angry, annoyed, grumpy, ill-tempered, in a bad mood, irascible, put out, short
= transverse, crosswise, diagonal, intersecting, oblique

cross- (krɔs Pronunciation for krɑs Pronunciation for )


  1. cross (in various senses) or across   ⇒ crossbow, crossbreed, crosswise

Translations for 'cross'

  • American English: crossPronunciation for cross Someone who is cross is angry or irritated.I'm terribly cross with him. crosser, crossest
  • Arabic: غَضْبَانPronunciation for غَضْبَان
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bravoPronunciation for bravo brava
  • Chinese: 生气的Pronunciation for 生气的
  • Croatian: ljutitPronunciation for ljutit ljutita
  • Czech: naštvanýPronunciation for naštvaný
  • Danish: vredPronunciation for vred
  • Dutch: boosPronunciation for boos
  • European Spanish: enfadadoPronunciation for enfadado enfadada
  • Finnish: kiukkuinenPronunciation for kiukkuinen
  • French: fâchéPronunciation for fâché
  • German: verärgertPronunciation for verärgert
  • Greek: οργισμένοςPronunciation for οργισμένος οργισμένη
  • Italian: imbronciatoPronunciation for imbronciato imbronciata
  • Japanese: 不機嫌なPronunciation for 不機嫌な
  • Korean: 화가 난Pronunciation for 화가 난
  • Norwegian: tverrPronunciation for tverr
  • Polish: rozgniewanyPronunciation for rozgniewany rozgniewana
  • Portuguese: zangadoPronunciation for zangado zangada
  • Romanian: furios furios, furioasă, furioși, furioase
  • Russian: переживатьPronunciation for переживать
  • Spanish: enfadadoPronunciation for enfadado enfadada
  • Swedish: argPronunciation for arg argt
  • Thai: โกรธฉุนเฉียวPronunciation for โกรธฉุนเฉียว
  • Turkish: öfkeliPronunciation for öfkeli
  • Ukrainian: сердитий
  • Vietnamese: cáuPronunciation for cáu
  • American English: crossPronunciation for cross A cross is a shape that consists of a vertical line or piece with a shorter horizontal line or piece across it. It is the most important Christian symbol.Around her neck was a cross on a silver chain. crosses
  • Arabic: صَلِيبPronunciation for صَلِيب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cruzPronunciation for cruz
  • Chinese: 十字架Pronunciation for 十字架
  • Croatian: križPronunciation for križ
  • Czech: křížPronunciation for kříž
  • Danish: krydsPronunciation for kryds
  • Dutch: kruisPronunciation for kruis
  • European Spanish: cruzPronunciation for cruz
  • Finnish: ristiPronunciation for risti
  • French: croixPronunciation for croix
  • German: KreuzPronunciation for Kreuz
  • Greek: σταυρόςPronunciation for σταυρός
  • Italian: crocePronunciation for croce
  • Japanese: 十字形Pronunciation for 十字形
  • Korean: 십자가Pronunciation for 십자가
  • Norwegian: korsPronunciation for kors
  • Polish: krzyżPronunciation for krzyż
  • Portuguese: cruzPronunciation for cruz
  • Romanian: cruce cruci
  • Russian: плюсPronunciation for плюс
  • Spanish: cruzPronunciation for cruz
  • Swedish: korsPronunciation for kors
  • Thai: ไม้กางเขนPronunciation for ไม้กางเขน
  • Turkish: çaprazPronunciation for çapraz
  • Ukrainian: хрест
  • Vietnamese: chữ thậpPronunciation for chữ thập
  • American English: crossPronunciation for cross If you cross a room, a road, or an area of land, you move to the other side of it. If you cross to a place, you move or travel over a room, road, or area in order to reach that place.She failed to look as she crossed the road.Egan crossed to the drinks cabinet and poured a Scotch. crosses, crossing, crossed
  • Arabic: يَعْبُرُPronunciation for يَعْبُرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cruzarPronunciation for cruzar
  • Chinese: 勾划Pronunciation for 勾划
  • Croatian: prijećiPronunciation for prijeći
  • Czech: přejítPronunciation for přejít přecházetulici apod.
  • Danish: krydsePronunciation for krydse
  • Dutch: overstekenPronunciation for oversteken
  • European Spanish: cruzarPronunciation for cruzar
  • Finnish: ylittääPronunciation for ylittää
  • French: traverserPronunciation for traverser
  • German: überquerenPronunciation for überqueren
  • Greek: διασχίζωPronunciation for διασχίζω
  • Italian: attraversarePronunciation for attraversare
  • Japanese: 横切るPronunciation for 横切る
  • Korean: (...을) 교차시키다Pronunciation for (...을) 교차시키다
  • Norwegian: kryssePronunciation for krysse
  • Polish: przekroczyćPronunciation for przekroczyć przekraczać
  • Portuguese: atravessarPronunciation for atravessar
  • Romanian: a traversa
  • Russian: пересекатьPronunciation for пересекать
  • Spanish: cruzarPronunciation for cruzar
  • Swedish: korsaPronunciation for korsa
  • Thai: ข้ามPronunciation for ข้าม
  • Turkish: karşıdan karşıya geçmekPronunciation for karşıdan karşıya geçmek
  • Ukrainian: перетинати перетнути
  • Vietnamese: đi quaPronunciation for đi qua


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