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discipline (ˈdɪsəˌplɪn ˈdɪsəplən )



  1. a branch of knowledge or learning
    1. training that develops self-control, character, or orderliness and efficiency
    2. strict control to enforce obedience
  2. the result of such training or control (; specif.,)
    1. self-control or orderly conduct
    2. acceptance of or submission to authority and control
  3. a system of rules, as for a church or monastic order
  4. treatment that corrects or punishes

transitive verb

Word forms:  ˈdisciˌplined,  ˈdisciˌplining
  1. to subject to discipline; train; control
  2. to punish

Derived Forms

ˈdisciˌplinable adjective
ˈdisciˌplinal adjective
ˈdisciˌpliner noun

Word Origin

ME < OFr descepline < L disciplina < discipulus: see disciple


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= punishment, castigation, chastisement, correction
= self-control, conduct, control, orderliness, regulation, restraint, strictness
= field of study, area, branch of knowledge, course, curriculum, speciality, subject

Translations for 'discipline'

  • American English: discipline Discipline is the practice of making people obey rules or standards of behavior, and punishing them when they do not....poor discipline in schools. disciplines
  • Arabic: تَأْدِيب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: disciplina
  • Chinese: 纪律
  • Croatian: disciplina
  • Czech: disciplína
  • Danish: disciplin
  • Dutch: discipline
  • European Spanish: disciplina
  • Finnish: kuri
  • French: discipline
  • German: Disziplin Disziplinen
  • Greek: πειθαρχία
  • Italian: disciplina
  • Japanese: 規律
  • Korean: 규율
  • Norwegian: disiplin
  • Polish: dyscyplina
  • Portuguese: disciplina
  • Romanian: disciplină
  • Russian: поддержание порядка
  • Spanish: disciplina
  • Swedish: disciplin
  • Thai: ข้อบังคับ
  • Turkish: disiplin
  • Ukrainian: дисципліна
  • Vietnamese: kỷ luật
  • American English: discipline If someone is disciplined for something that they have done wrong, they are punished for it. disciplines, disciplining, disciplinedThe workman was disciplined by his company but not dismissed.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: disciplinar
  • Chinese: 处罚处處罚罰
  • European Spanish: disciplinar
  • French: punir
  • German: bestrafen
  • Italian: sanzionare
  • Japanese: 懲戒する
  • Korean: 징계를 받다
  • Portuguese: disciplinar
  • Spanish: disciplinar

Example Sentences Including 'discipline'

First sent to the Emma Willard School in Troy, she was later remanded to the Sacred Heart Convent for more discipline.
Howker, Janni Isaac Campion (1987)


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