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due (du dju )



  1. owed or owing as a debt, right, etc.; payable   ⇒ the first payment is due
  2. suitable; fitting; proper   ⇒ with all due respect
  3. as much as is required; enough; adequate   ⇒ due care, in due time
  4. expected or scheduled to arrive or be ready; timed for a certain hour or date   ⇒ the plane is due at 6:30 P.M.


  1. exactly; directly   ⇒ due west


  1. anything due or owed (; specif.,)
    1. deserved recognition   ⇒ to give a man his due
    2. ([pl.]) fees, taxes, or other charges   ⇒ membership dues

Word Origin

ME < OFr deu, pp. of devoir, to owe < L debere, to owe: see debt


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= expected, scheduled
= payable, in arrears, outstanding, owed, owing, unpaid
= fitting, appropriate, deserved, justified, merited, proper, rightful, suitable, well-earned
= right, rights, comeuppance (informal), deserts, merits, privilege
= directly, dead, exactly, straight, undeviatingly

Translations for 'due'

  • American English: due If something is due at a particular time, it is expected to happen, be done, or arrive at that time.The results are due at the end of the month.
  • Arabic: مُتَوَقَّع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esperado esperada
  • Chinese: 到期的
  • Croatian: dospio dospjela, dospjelo
  • Czech: má se ...... vrátit ve čtvrtek apod.
  • Danish: passende
  • Dutch: verwacht
  • European Spanish: previsto
  • Finnish: olla määrä
  • French: due
  • German: fällig
  • Greek: αναμενόμενος αναμενόμενη
  • Italian: dovuto dovuta
  • Japanese: ・・・する予定で
  • Korean: 만기가 된
  • Norwegian: skyldig
  • Polish: należny należna
  • Portuguese: ter chegada prevista
  • Romanian: așteptat așteptat, așteptată, așteptați, așteptate
  • Russian: должный должная
  • Spanish: debido debida
  • Swedish: förfallen förfallet
  • Thai: ถึงกำหนด
  • Turkish: olması beklenen
  • Ukrainian: належний
  • Vietnamese: đến hạn

Example Sentences Including 'due'

In a matter of weeks, the president was due to fly to Beijing for talks with the mongrels who had usurped the homeland.
Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice Dale Brown's Dreamland (5) STRIKE ZONE (2004)


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