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ecosystem (ˈɛkoʊˌsɪstəm ˈikoʊˌsɪstəm )



  1. a system made up of a community of animals, plants, and bacteria interrelated together with its physical and chemical environment

Word Origin

eco- + , system

Translations for 'ecosystem'

  • American English: ecosystem An ecosystem is the relationship between all the living things in a particular area together. ecosystems...the forest ecosystem.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ecossistema
  • Chinese: 生态系统生态態系统統
  • European Spanish: ecosistema
  • French: écosystème
  • German: Ökosystem
  • Italian: ecosistema
  • Japanese: 生態系
  • Korean: 생태계
  • Portuguese: ecossistema
  • Spanish: ecosistema

Example Sentences Including 'ecosystem'

For instance, could any of the property qualify as a fragile ecosystem or unique habitat for endangered species?
Metz, Don King of The Mountain (1990)


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