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fatherland (ˈfɑðərˌlænd )



  1. a person's native land or country
  2. the land or country of one's ancestors

Word Origin

prob. < Du vaderland, Ger vaterland


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= homeland, motherland, native land

Translations for 'fatherland'

  • American English: fatherland If someone is very proud of the country where they or their ancestors were born, they sometimes refer to it as the fatherland. fatherlandsThey were willing to serve the fatherland in its hour of need.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pátria
  • Chinese: 祖国祖国國
  • European Spanish: patria
  • French: patrie
  • German: Vaterland
  • Italian: patria
  • Japanese: 祖国
  • Korean: 모국
  • Portuguese: pátria
  • Spanish: patria

Example Sentences Including 'fatherland'

This range was our fatherland ; among these mountains our tipis were hidden.
Spellman, Cathy Cash Paint the Wind (1990)


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