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Definitions of jaded

jaded (ˈdʒeɪdɪd )



  1. tired; worn-out; wearied
  2. dulled or satiated, as from overindulgence

Derived Forms

ˈjadedly adverb
ˈjadedness noun

Word Origin

pp. of , jade2 verb:transitive


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= tired, exhausted, fatigued, spent, weary

jade (dʒeɪd )



  1. a horse, esp. a worn-out, worthless one
    1. a loose or disreputable woman
    2. (rare) a saucy, pert young woman

transitive verb, intransitive verb

Word forms:  ˈjaded,  ˈjading
  1. to make or become tired, weary, or worn-out

Derived Forms

ˈjadish adjective

Word Origin

ME, prob. via Anglo-Fr < ON jalda, a mare < Finn

Translations for 'jaded'

  • American English: jaded If you are jaded, you feel bored, tired, and not enthusiastic, because you have had too much of the same thing.We had both become jaded, disinterested, and disillusioned.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aborrecido
  • Chinese: 厌倦的厌厭倦的
  • European Spanish: hastiado hastiada
  • French: lassé lassée
  • German: abgespannt
  • Italian: blasé
  • Japanese: 飽き飽きした
  • Korean: 지겨운
  • Portuguese: aborrecido aborrecida
  • Spanish: hastiado hastiada

Example Sentences Including 'jaded'

It was an impressive place, even for the most jaded of lawyers.
James Grippando A KING'S RANSOM (2001)


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