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Definitions of martial

martial (ˈmɑrʃəl )



  1. of or suitable for war   ⇒ martial songs
  2. showing a readiness or eagerness to fight; warlike
  3. of the army, the navy, or military life; military
martial refers to anything connected with or characteristic of war or armies, connoting esp. pomp, discipline, etc. [martial music, martial law ]; warlike stresses the bellicose or aggressive nature or temperament that leads to war or results from preparations for war [a warlike nation ]; military applies to anything having to do with armies or soldiers [military uniforms, police, etc. ]

Derived Forms

ˈmartialˌism noun
ˈmartialist noun
ˈmartially adverb

Word Origin

ME martialle < L martialis, of Mars

Martial (ˈmɑrʃəl )


  1. (Marcus Valerius Martialis) a.d. 40?-104?; Rom. epigrammatist & poet, born in Spain

Translations for 'martial'

  • American English: martial Martial is used to describe things relating to soldiers or war.The paper was actually twice banned under the martial regime.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: marcial
  • Chinese: 军人的军軍人的
  • European Spanish: marcial
  • French: martial martiale
  • German: Kriegs-
  • Italian: marziale
  • Japanese: 軍隊の
  • Korean: 군의
  • Portuguese: marcial
  • Spanish: marcial


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