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martial art


  1. any of various systems of self-defense originating in E Asia, such as karate or kung fu, also engaged in as a sport (usually used in pl.)

Translations for 'martial art'

  • American English: martial art A martial art is one of the methods of fighting, often without weapons, for example kung fu, karate, or judo. martial arts
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arte marcial
  • Chinese: 武术武术術
  • European Spanish: arte marcial
  • French: art martial
  • German: Kampfkunst
  • Italian: arte marziale
  • Japanese: 格闘技
  • Korean: 무술
  • Portuguese: arte marcial
  • Spanish: arte marcial

Example Sentences Including 'martial art'

`I used to imagine that a lot, when I was learning a martial art or practicing with weapons.
Jefferson Parker SILENT JOE (2002)


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