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motherland (ˈmʌðərˌlænd )



  1. one's native land or, sometimes, the land of one's ancestors
  2. a country thought of as originator or source

Translations for 'motherland'

  • American English: motherland The motherland is the country in which you or your ancestors were born and to which you still feel emotionally linked, even if you live somewhere for the motherland.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: terra natal
  • Chinese: 祖国祖国國
  • European Spanish: patria
  • French: patrie
  • German: Vaterland
  • Italian: patria
  • Japanese: 母国
  • Korean: 모국
  • Portuguese: terra natal
  • Spanish: patria

Example Sentences Including 'motherland'

He wanted the one thing all exiles crave and few achieve - a triumphant return to the motherland , a vindication.
Armstrong, Campbell Mambo (1991)


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