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murder (ˈmɜrdər )



  1. the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one human being by another; also, any killing done while committing some other felony, as rape or robbery
  2. (US, informal) something very hard, unsafe, or disagreeable to do or deal with

transitive verb

  1. to kill (a person) unlawfully and with malice
  2. to kill inhumanly or barbarously, as in warfare
  3. to spoil, mar, etc., as in performance   ⇒ the song was murdered by the singer

intransitive verb

  1. to commit murder

Word Origin

ME murthir, mordre < OE & OFr: OE morthor, akin to ON morth, Goth maurthr; OFr mordre < Frank * morthr: all ult. < IE * mṛtóm < base * mer- > mortal


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= killing, assassination, bloodshed, butchery, carnage, homicide, manslaughter, massacre, slaying
= kill, assassinate, bump off (slang), butcher, eliminate (slang), massacre, slaughter, slay

Translations for 'murder'

  • American English: murder Murder is the crime of deliberately killing a person.The jury found him guilty of murder. murders
  • Arabic: قَتْلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assassinato
  • Chinese: 谋杀
  • Croatian: ubojstvo
  • Czech: vražda
  • Danish: mord
  • Dutch: moord
  • European Spanish: asesinato
  • Finnish: murha
  • French: meurtre
  • German: Mord
  • Greek: φόνος
  • Italian: omicidio
  • Japanese: 殺人
  • Korean: 살인
  • Norwegian: mord
  • Polish: morderstwo
  • Portuguese: assassinato
  • Romanian: crimă crime
  • Russian: убийство
  • Spanish: asesinato
  • Swedish: mord
  • Thai: การฆาตกรรม
  • Turkish: cinayet
  • Ukrainian: вбивство
  • Vietnamese: tội giết người
  • American English: murder To murder someone means to commit the crime of killing them deliberately....a movie about a woman who murders her husband. murders, murdering, murdered
  • Arabic: يَقْتِلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assassinar
  • Chinese: 谋杀
  • Croatian: ubiti
  • Czech: zavraždit vraždit
  • Danish: myrde
  • Dutch: vermoorden
  • European Spanish: asesinar
  • Finnish: murhata
  • French: assassiner
  • German: ermorden
  • Greek: δολοφονώ
  • Italian: uccidere
  • Japanese: 殺害する
  • Korean: 살인하다
  • Norwegian: myrde
  • Polish: zamordować mordować
  • Portuguese: assassinar
  • Romanian: a ucide
  • Russian: убивать
  • Spanish: asesinar
  • Swedish: mörda
  • Thai: ฆาตกรรม
  • Turkish: katletmek
  • Ukrainian: вбивати вбити
  • Vietnamese: giết người

Example Sentences Including 'murder'

Rocket Docket Rudolph was pushing the Steere case through on greased skids; Marta doubted even a murder in the office would slow him down.
Lisa Scottoline ROUGH JUSTICE (2001)


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