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observer (əbˈzɜrvər )



  1. a person who observes something (; specif.,)
    1. a soldier manning an observation post
    2. a person who attends an assembly, convention, etc., not as an official delegate but only to observe and report the proceedings
    3. an official, usually a member of a group, sent by a UN committee to collect and report facts on the situation in a special area
  2. a member of an aircraft crew, other than a pilot, with certain specialized duties and a special rating (aircraft observer)


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= spectator, beholder, bystander, eyewitness, fly on the wall, looker-on, onlooker, viewer, watcher, witness

Translations for 'observer'

  • American English: observer You can refer to someone who sees or notices something as an observer.Observers say the woman stabbed him. observers
  • Arabic: مُرَاقِبٌّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: observador observadora
  • Chinese: 观察者
  • Croatian: promatrač
  • Czech: přihlížející
  • Danish: observatør
  • Dutch: observator
  • European Spanish: observador observadora
  • Finnish: tarkkailija
  • French: observateur
  • German: Beobachter Beobachterin
  • Greek: παρατηρητής παρατηρήτρια
  • Italian: osservatore
  • Japanese: 観察者
  • Korean: 관찰자
  • Norwegian: observatør
  • Polish: obserwator obserwatorka
  • Portuguese: observador observadora
  • Romanian: observator observatoare, observatori, observatoare
  • Russian: наблюдатель
  • Spanish: observador observadora
  • Swedish: observatör
  • Thai: ผู้สังเกตการณ์
  • Turkish: gözlemci
  • Ukrainian: спостерігач спостерігачка
  • Vietnamese: quan sát viên

Example Sentences Including 'observer'

Ken's forte was not interpersonal interaction, being more of an observer of reaction than a participant.
Lustbader, Eric Floating City (1994)


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