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observer (əbˈzɜrvər Pronunciation for )



  1. a person who observes something (; specif.,)
    1. a soldier manning an observation post
    2. a person who attends an assembly, convention, etc., not as an official delegate but only to observe and report the proceedings
    3. an official, usually a member of a group, sent by a UN committee to collect and report facts on the situation in a special area
  2. a member of an aircraft crew, other than a pilot, with certain specialized duties and a special rating (aircraft observer)


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= spectator, beholder, bystander, eyewitness, fly on the wall, looker-on, onlooker, viewer, watcher, witness

Translations for 'observer'

  • American English: observerPronunciation for observer You can refer to someone who sees or notices something as an observer.Observers say the woman stabbed him. observers
  • Arabic: مُرَاقِبٌّPronunciation for مُرَاقِبٌّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: observadorPronunciation for observador observadora
  • Chinese: 观察者Pronunciation for 观察者
  • Croatian: promatračPronunciation for promatrač
  • Czech: přihlížejícíPronunciation for přihlížející
  • Danish: observatørPronunciation for observatør
  • Dutch: observatorPronunciation for observator
  • European Spanish: observadorPronunciation for observador observadora
  • Finnish: tarkkailijaPronunciation for tarkkailija
  • French: observateurPronunciation for observateur
  • German: BeobachterPronunciation for Beobachter Beobachterin
  • Greek: παρατηρητήςPronunciation for παρατηρητής παρατηρήτρια
  • Italian: osservatorePronunciation for osservatore
  • Japanese: 観察者Pronunciation for 観察者
  • Korean: 관찰자Pronunciation for 관찰자
  • Norwegian: observatørPronunciation for observatør
  • Polish: obserwatorPronunciation for obserwator obserwatorka
  • Portuguese: observadorPronunciation for observador observadora
  • Romanian: observator observatoare, observatori, observatoare
  • Russian: наблюдательPronunciation for наблюдатель
  • Spanish: observadorPronunciation for observador observadora
  • Swedish: observatörPronunciation for observatör
  • Thai: ผู้สังเกตการณ์Pronunciation for ผู้สังเกตการณ์
  • Turkish: gözlemciPronunciation for gözlemci
  • Ukrainian: спостерігач спостерігачка
  • Vietnamese: quan sát viênPronunciation for quan sát viên

Example Sentences Including 'observer'

Ken's forte was not interpersonal interaction, being more of an observer of reaction than a participant.
Lustbader, Eric Floating City (1994)
But one observer questioned whether the bone speaker really provides for clearer hearing.
Wired (2004)
Moynihan saw himself at the time as a liberal observer warning of future problems.
Chicago Sun-Times (2003)
Now, armed rangers rotated in from out of town mill around like they're outside "a cabin at Yosemite," one observer notes.
Philadelphia Enquirer (2003)
One observer told John Heilemann that "Scott had himself a little epiphany.
Frederic Alan Maxwell BAD BOY BALLMER (2002)


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