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pater (ˈpeɪtər Pronunciation for (for 2) ˈpɑtər Pronunciation for ˈpɑtɛr Pronunciation for )



  1. (mainly British, informal) father (now only a humorous usage)
  2. ([P-]) paternoster

Word Origin

L, father

Pater (ˈpeɪtər Pronunciation for Pater


  1. Walter (Horatio)1839-94; Eng. essayist & critic

Example Sentences Including 'pater'

But my other guardian's an old stick---bumbling old fool---my late pater 's old solicitor.
Stephanie Laurens WHOLE SECRET LOVE (2001)
Caine plays Austin's swinging pater , Nigel Powers, in "Austin Powers in Goldmember, "now in theaters.
Seattle Times (2002)
Julius, who had previously been a good son, passed off his aged father's prophecy with a curt `Non spectare limbo allat pater.
Blitzer, Wolf Territory of Lies: The Exclusive Story of Jonathan Jay Pollard (1990)


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