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Ragnarok (ˈrægnəˌrɑk Pronunciation for )



  1. (Norse mythology) the destruction of the world in the last great conflict between the gods and the forces of evil

Word Origin

ON ragna rǫk, judgment of the gods < ragna, gen. pl. of regin, gods, lit., the counselors (< IE base * rek-, to order) + rǫk, tale, fate (< rekja, to declare < IE base * reĝ-, to put in order > right); confused with ragnarøkkr, twilight of the gods

Example Sentences Including 'Ragnarok'

Ragnarok repeats, unlike the [Christian] apocalypse, which happens only once.
Killing the Buddha (2004)
Korean-based Ragnarok Online, for example, boasts 17 million users worldwide in a game where players can battle, chat or obtain pets.
USA Today (2004)


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