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Romany (ˈrɑməni Pronunciation for ˈroʊməni Pronunciation for )



  1. Word forms:   plural ˈRomany, ˈRomanies
    . a Gypsy
  2. the Indo-Aryan language of the Gypsies, which occurs with dialectal variations in each of the countries where they live


  1. of the Gypsies or their language or culture
(Also sp. ) ˈRommany

Word Origin

Romany romani, fem. & pl. of romano, Gypsy < rom, a man, husband, Gypsy < Sans ḍombaḥ, low-caste musician

Example Sentences Including 'Romany'

When a little boy came to Ned, whining for a coin, his mother spoke sharply in Romany from a nearby tent.
Keene, Carolyn The Clue in The Old Album (1993)
"That's the Romany word for "wherever" and a tribute to the "nomadic soul of the circus tradition," according to director Dominic Champagne.
New York Post (2003)


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