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scientific (ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk )



  1. of or dealing with science   ⇒ scientific study
  2. used in or for natural science   ⇒ scientific apparatus
  3. based on, using, or in accordance with, the principles and methods of science; systematic and exact   ⇒ scientific classification
    1. done according to methods gained by systematic training   ⇒ scientific boxing
    2. having or showing such training

Derived Forms

ˌscienˈtifically adverb

Word Origin

ML scientificus, learned, lit., making knowledge (see science & , -fic), orig. erroneous transl. of Gr epistēmonikos, pertaining to knowledge


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= systematic, accurate, controlled, exact, mathematical, precise

Translations for 'scientific'

  • American English: scientific Scientific is used to describe things that relate to science or to a particular science.This is scientific research.
  • Arabic: عِلْميّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: científico científica
  • Chinese: 科学的
  • Croatian: znanstveni znanstvena
  • Czech: vědecký
  • Danish: videnskabelig
  • Dutch: wetenschappelijk
  • European Spanish: científico científica
  • Finnish: tieteellinen
  • French: scientifique
  • German: wissenschaftlich
  • Greek: επιστημονικός επιστημονική
  • Italian: scientifico scientifica
  • Japanese: 科学の
  • Korean: 과학적인
  • Norwegian: vitenskapelig
  • Polish: naukowy naukowa
  • Portuguese: científico científica
  • Romanian: științific științific, științifică, științifici, științifice
  • Russian: научный научная
  • Spanish: científico científica
  • Swedish: vetenskaplig vetenskapligt
  • Thai: ตามหลักวิทยาศาสตร์
  • Turkish: bilimsel
  • Ukrainian: науковий
  • Vietnamese: có tính khoa học

Example Sentences Including 'scientific'

Besides, I'm sure my scientific team here would welcome this excellent test of their work.
Carey, M. V. The Trail of Terror (The Three Investigators Mysteries no 39) (1987)


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