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shuffle (ˈʃʌfəl Pronunciation for )


transitive verb

Word forms:  ˈshuffled,  ˈshuffling
    1. to move (the feet) with a dragging or shoving gait
    2. to perform (a dance) with such steps
  1. to mix (playing cards) so as to change their order or arrangement
  2. to push or mix together in a jumbled or disordered mass
  3. to shift (things) about from one place to another
  4. to bring, put, or thrust (into or out of) clumsily or trickily

intransitive verb

  1. to move by dragging or scraping the feet, as in walking or dancing
  2. to get (into or out of a situation or condition) by trickery, evasion, lies, etc.
  3. to act in a shifty, dishonest manner; practice deceit, trickery, evasion, etc.
  4. to change or shift repeatedly from one position or place to another
  5. to shuffle playing cards
  6. to move clumsily (into or out of clothing)


  1. the act of shuffling
  2. a tricky or deceptive action; evasion; trick
    1. a shuffling of the feet
    2. a gait, dance, etc. characterized by this
    1. the act of shuffling playing cards
    2. the right of, or one's turn at, shuffling the cards

Derived Forms

ˈshuffler noun

Word Origin

Early ModE, prob. < or akin to LowG schuffeln, to walk clumsily, shuffle cards < base of shove


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= scuffle, drag, scrape, shamble
= rearrange, disarrange, disorder, jumble, mix

Translations for 'shuffle'

  • American English: shufflePronunciation for shuffle If you shuffle somewhere, you walk there without lifting your feet properly off the ground.Moira shuffled across the kitchen. shuffles, shuffling, shuffled
  • Arabic: يَجُرُّ رِجْلَيْهPronunciation for يَجُرُّ رِجْلَيْه
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arrastar os pésPronunciation for arrastar os pés
  • Chinese: 拖曳Pronunciation for 拖曳
  • Croatian: vući sePronunciation for vući se
  • Czech: šourat sePronunciation for šourat se
  • Danish: sjokkePronunciation for sjokke
  • Dutch: schuifelenPronunciation for schuifelen
  • European Spanish: arrastrar los piesPronunciation for arrastrar los pies
  • Finnish: laahustaaPronunciation for laahustaa
  • French: se traînerPronunciation for se traîner
  • German: schlurfenPronunciation for schlurfen
  • Greek: σέρνω τα πόδια μουPronunciation for σέρνω τα πόδια μου
  • Italian: mescolarePronunciation for mescolare
  • Japanese: 足をひきずって歩くPronunciation for 足をひきずって歩く
  • Korean: 발을 끌며 걷다Pronunciation for 발을 끌며 걷다
  • Norwegian: slepePronunciation for slepe
  • Polish: przestawićPronunciation for przestawić przestawiać
  • Portuguese: arrastar os pésPronunciation for arrastar os pés
  • Romanian: a târșâi
  • Russian: шаркатьPronunciation for шаркать
  • Spanish: arrastrar los piesPronunciation for arrastrar los pies
  • Swedish: blandaPronunciation for blanda
  • Thai: เดินลากเท้าPronunciation for เดินลากเท้า
  • Turkish: ayaklarını sürüyerek yürümekPronunciation for ayaklarını sürüyerek yürümek
  • Ukrainian: човгати
  • Vietnamese: lê bướcPronunciation for lê bước

Example Sentences Including 'shuffle'

A foot on the death road, a quick shuffle backwards, her dance wearies us.
Erdrich, Louise The Bingo Palace (1994)


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