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threat (θrɛt )



  1. an expression of intention to hurt, destroy, punish, etc., as in retaliation or intimidation
    1. an indication of imminent danger, harm, evil, etc.   ⇒ the threat of war
    2. a potential source of this

transitive verb, intransitive verb

  1. (obsolete) threaten

Word Origin

ME threte < OE threat, a throng, painful pressure, akin to Ger (ver)driessen, to grieve, annoy < IE * treud-, to push, press (prob. < base * ter-, to rub) > L trudere, to thrust


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= warning, foreboding, foreshadowing, omen, portent, presage, writing on the wall

Translations for 'threat'

  • American English: threat A threat to a person or thing is a danger that something bad might happen to them.Stress is a threat to people's health. threats
  • Arabic: تَهْدِيد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ameaça
  • Chinese: 威胁
  • Croatian: prijetnja
  • Czech: hrozba
  • Danish: trussel
  • Dutch: dreigement
  • European Spanish: amenaza
  • Finnish: uhka
  • French: menace
  • German: Drohung
  • Greek: απειλή
  • Italian: minaccia
  • Japanese: 脅し
  • Korean: 위협
  • Norwegian: trussel
  • Polish: groźba
  • Portuguese: ameaça
  • Romanian: amenințare amenințări
  • Russian: угроза
  • Spanish: amenaza
  • Swedish: hot
  • Thai: การขู่เข็ญ
  • Turkish: tehdit
  • Ukrainian: загроза
  • Vietnamese: mối đe dọa

Example Sentences Including 'threat'

They had no idea of the scope of the threat , the origin of the threat, or its composition.
James W. Huston THE SHADOWS OF POWER (2002)


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