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threat (θrɛt Pronunciation for )



  1. an expression of intention to hurt, destroy, punish, etc., as in retaliation or intimidation
    1. an indication of imminent danger, harm, evil, etc.   ⇒ the threat of war
    2. a potential source of this

transitive verb, intransitive verb

  1. (obsolete) threaten

Word Origin

ME threte < OE threat, a throng, painful pressure, akin to Ger (ver)driessen, to grieve, annoy < IE * treud-, to push, press (prob. < base * ter-, to rub) > L trudere, to thrust


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= warning, foreboding, foreshadowing, omen, portent, presage, writing on the wall

Translations for 'threat'

  • American English: threatPronunciation for threat A threat to a person or thing is a danger that something bad might happen to them.Stress is a threat to people's health. threats
  • Arabic: تَهْدِيدPronunciation for تَهْدِيد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ameaçaPronunciation for ameaça
  • Chinese: 威胁Pronunciation for 威胁
  • Croatian: prijetnjaPronunciation for prijetnja
  • Czech: hrozbaPronunciation for hrozba
  • Danish: trusselPronunciation for trussel
  • Dutch: dreigementPronunciation for dreigement
  • European Spanish: amenazaPronunciation for amenaza
  • Finnish: uhkaPronunciation for uhka
  • French: menacePronunciation for menace
  • German: DrohungPronunciation for Drohung
  • Greek: απειλήPronunciation for απειλή
  • Italian: minacciaPronunciation for minaccia
  • Japanese: 脅しPronunciation for 脅し
  • Korean: 위협Pronunciation for 위협
  • Norwegian: trusselPronunciation for trussel
  • Polish: groźbaPronunciation for groźba
  • Portuguese: ameaçaPronunciation for ameaça
  • Romanian: amenințare amenințări
  • Russian: угрозаPronunciation for угроза
  • Spanish: amenazaPronunciation for amenaza
  • Swedish: hotPronunciation for hot
  • Thai: การขู่เข็ญPronunciation for การขู่เข็ญ
  • Turkish: tehditPronunciation for tehdit
  • Ukrainian: загроза
  • Vietnamese: mối đe dọaPronunciation for mối đe dọa

Example Sentences Including 'threat'

They had no idea of the scope of the threat , the origin of the threat, or its composition.
James W. Huston THE SHADOWS OF POWER (2002)
Western diplomats say the threat of assassination is ever present for Musharraf.
Time Magazine (2002)
But Moyer struck out David Justice and got Jermaine Dye on a groundout to end the threat.
Seattle Times (2002)
The real threat could come from the collection of players behind him, especially Garcia.
Seattle Times (2002)
It would take very little provocation for him to carry out his threat.
Lisa Kleypas SUDDENLY YOU (2001)


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