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tonneau (tʌˈnoʊ ˈtɑnˌoʊ )



Word forms:   plural tonˈneaus, tonˈneaux   (tʌˈnoʊz ; ˈtɑnˈnoʊz
  1. an enclosed rear compartment for passengers in an early type of automobile
  2. the whole body of such an automobile
  3. (US) a protective cover for the passenger compartment of a small, open sports car, for the bed of a pickup truck, etc.

Word Origin

Fr, lit., a cask < tonne: see tun

Example Sentences Including 'tonneau'

Leaving Daoud to arrange for the luggage, we got into the motorcar, Katherine and I in the tonneau with Bertie.
Elizabeth Peters LORD OF THE SILENT (2001)


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