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toughen (ˈtʌfən )


transitive verb, intransitive verb

  1. to make or become tough or tougher

Derived Forms

ˈtoughener noun

Translations for 'toughen'

  • American English: toughen If you toughen something or if it toughens, you make it stronger so that it will not break easily. toughened, toughening, toughensMonths of walking barefoot had toughened his feet.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fortalecer
  • Chinese: 使坚硬使坚堅硬
  • European Spanish: endurecer
  • French: endurcir
  • German: hart machen
  • Italian: rendere più resistente
  • Japanese: 強健にする
  • Korean: 단단하게 하다
  • Portuguese: fortalecer
  • Spanish: endurecer

Example Sentences Including 'toughen'

Steel swords were heavier than the wooden toy swords of their childhood had been, and it took the boys a while to toughen up their muscles.
David and Leigh Eddings THE TREASURED ONE (2004)


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