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toughen (ˈtʌfən Pronunciation for )


transitive verb, intransitive verb

  1. to make or become tough or tougher

Derived Forms

ˈtoughener noun

Translations for 'toughen'

  • American English: toughen If you toughen something or if it toughens, you make it stronger so that it will not break easily. toughened, toughening, toughensMonths of walking barefoot had toughened his feet.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fortalecer
  • Chinese: 使坚硬使坚堅硬
  • European Spanish: endurecer
  • French: endurcir
  • German: hart machen
  • Italian: rendere più resistente
  • Japanese: 強健にする
  • Korean: 단단하게 하다
  • Portuguese: fortalecer
  • Spanish: endurecer

Example Sentences Including 'toughen'

Steel swords were heavier than the wooden toy swords of their childhood had been, and it took the boys a while to toughen up their muscles.
David and Leigh Eddings THE TREASURED ONE (2004)
A welfare-reform bill, which would toughen work requirements, got caught in a tussle over whether to raise the minimum wage.
Time Magazine (2004)
He also called for Congress to beef up funds for the Securities and Exchange Commission and to toughen laws policing corporate crime.
Philadelphia Enquirer (2002)
Trying anything he could to toughen him up, make him a man as soon as he could.
Kevin Baker PARADISE ALLEY (2002)


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