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van Gogh (væn ˈgoʊ Pronunciation for van Gogh ; vænˈgɔx (Dutch); vɑn ˈxɔx) 


  1. Vincent1853-90; Du. painter

Example Sentences Including 'van Gogh'

Fade to a Lexus commercial animated in the style of van Gogh.
Alex Shakar THE SAVAGE GIRL (2001)
From Mozart to van Gogh to Janis, artists who aren't good with finances end up penniless and the suits end up with nicer suits.
SlashDot (2004)
She had scripted Mr. van Gogh 's latest film," Submission," which criticized the treatment of women under Islam.
Washington Times (2004)
The suspected killer in the van Gogh case, a 26-year-old Dutch-Moroccan national, was arraigned on six terrorism-related charges.
Washington Times (2004)
New pictures are on the wall, prints of the masters: Monet, Chagall, van Gogh , Matisse.
Beattie, Melody The Lessons of Love (1994)


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