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Veneto (ˈveɪnəˌtoʊ Pronunciation for ˈvɛnətoʊ Pronunciation for )


  1. region of N Italy, on the Adriatic: 7,080 sq mi (18,337 sq km); pop. 4,381,000; chief city, Venice

Example Sentences Including 'Veneto'

When they reached the dry land of the Veneto , he would pick up his carriage.
Mario Puzo THE FAMILY (2001)
On the Via Veneto , a signor pulled a stash of fountain pens from inside his shirt.
New York Post (2003)
In front of the elegant Excelsior Hotel on Via Veneto , another crowd stood waiting to catch a glimpse of Ingrid.
Leamer, Laurence As Time Goes by: The Life of Ingrid Bergman (1986)


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