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afternoon (ˌɑːftəʳˈnuːn Pronunciation for afternoon Pronunciation for afternoon



  1. après-midi m f   ⇒ He stayed there all afternoon. Il y est resté tout l'après-midi.

    3 o'clock in the afternoon trois heures de l'après-midi

    this afternoon cet après-midi

    on Saturday afternoon samedi après-midi

    yesterday afternoon hier après-midi

    tomorrow afternoon demain après-midi

    good afternoon! (greeting) bonjour! (saying goodbye) au revoir!


    1. [session, visit, shift] de l'après-midi
    2. [sun] de l'après-midi

    afternoon nap sieste f

    afternoon performance [of play] matinée f

'afternoon' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: بَعْدَ الظُهْرPronunciation for بَعْدَ الظُهْر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tardePronunciation for tarde
  • Chinese: 下午Pronunciation for 下午
  • Croatian: poslijepodnePronunciation for poslijepodne
  • Czech: odpolednePronunciation for odpoledne
  • Danish: eftermiddagPronunciation for eftermiddag
  • Dutch: middagPronunciation for middag
  • European Spanish: tardePronunciation for tarde
  • Finnish: iltapäiväPronunciation for iltapäivä
  • French: après-midiPronunciation for après-midi
  • German: NachmittagPronunciation for Nachmittag
  • Greek: απόγευμαPronunciation for απόγευμα
  • Italian: pomeriggioPronunciation for pomeriggio
  • Japanese: 午後Pronunciation for 午後
  • Korean: 오후Pronunciation for 오후
  • Norwegian: ettermiddagPronunciation for ettermiddag
  • Polish: popołudniePronunciation for popołudnie
  • Portuguese: tardePronunciation for tarde
  • Romanian: după-amiază după-amieze
  • Russian: деньPronunciation for день
  • Spanish: tardePronunciation for tardeúltimas horas del día
  • Swedish: eftermiddagPronunciation for eftermiddag
  • Thai: ตอนบ่ายPronunciation for ตอนบ่าย
  • Turkish: öğleden sonraPronunciation for öğleden sonra
  • Ukrainian: пообідній час
  • Vietnamese: buổi chiềuPronunciation for buổi chiều


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