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charming (ˈtʃɑːʳmɪŋ Pronunciation for charming



    1. [place, custom] charmante
    2. [person] charmante

Similar Words

charm (ˈtʃɑːʳm Pronunciation for charm



  1. [of person, place] charme m   ⇒ He's got a lot of charm. Il a beaucoup de charme.

    to turn on the charm faire du charme

  2. (= spell) charme m, enchantement m

    to work like a charm marcher à merveille

transitive verb

  1. charmer, enchanter

    to be charmed by sth être enchantée par qch

Similar Words

= talisman, amulet, lucky piece, good-luck piece, fetish, periapt

'charming' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: فاتِنPronunciation for فاتِن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: charmosoPronunciation for charmoso charmosa
  • Chinese: 迷人的Pronunciation for 迷人的
  • Croatian: šarmantanPronunciation for šarmantan šarmantna
  • Czech: půvabnýPronunciation for půvabný
  • Danish: charmerendePronunciation for charmerende
  • Dutch: charmantPronunciation for charmant
  • European Spanish: encantadorPronunciation for encantador encantadora
  • Finnish: hurmaavaPronunciation for hurmaava
  • French: charmantPronunciation for charmant
  • German: charmantPronunciation for charmant
  • Greek: γοητευτικόςPronunciation for γοητευτικός γοητευτική
  • Italian: affascinantePronunciation for affascinante
  • Japanese: 魅力的なPronunciation for 魅力的な
  • Korean: 매력적인Pronunciation for 매력적인
  • Norwegian: sjarmerendePronunciation for sjarmerende
  • Polish: czarującyPronunciation for czarujący czarująca
  • Portuguese: charmosoPronunciation for charmoso charmosa
  • Romanian: fermecător fermecător, fermecătoare, fermecători, fermecătoare
  • Russian: очаровательныйPronunciation for очаровательный очаровательная
  • Spanish: encantadorPronunciation for encantador encantadora
  • Swedish: charmerandePronunciation for charmerande
  • Thai: มีเสน่ห์Pronunciation for มีเสน่ห์
  • Turkish: sevimliPronunciation for sevimli
  • Ukrainian: чарівний
  • Vietnamese: quyến rũPronunciation for quyến rũ


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