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curious (ˈkjʊəriəs) 



  1. (= inquisitive) [person] curieuxeuse

    to be curious about sth être curieuxeuse à propos de qch

    to be curious about sth   ⇒ I'm curious about him. Il m'intrigue.

    to be curious to know sth être curieuxeuse de savoir qch

  2. (= strange) [event, object] curieuxeuse

'curious' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: مُحِبٌّ لِلاسْتِطْلاعPronunciation for مُحِبٌّ لِلاسْتِطْلاع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: curiosoPronunciation for curioso curiosa
  • Chinese: 好奇的Pronunciation for 好奇的
  • Croatian: znatiželjanPronunciation for znatiželjan znatiželjna
  • Czech: zvědavýPronunciation for zvědavý
  • Danish: nysgerrigPronunciation for nysgerrig
  • Dutch: nieuwsgierigPronunciation for nieuwsgierig
  • European Spanish: curiosoPronunciation for curioso curiosainteresante
  • Finnish: uteliasPronunciation for utelias
  • French: curieuxPronunciation for curieux
  • German: neugierigPronunciation for neugierig
  • Greek: περίεργοςPronunciation for περίεργος περίεργη
  • Italian: curiosoPronunciation for curioso curiosa
  • Japanese: 知りたがるPronunciation for 知りたがる
  • Korean: 호기심이 강한Pronunciation for 호기심이 강한
  • Norwegian: nysgjerrigPronunciation for nysgjerrig
  • Polish: ciekawyPronunciation for ciekawy ciekawa
  • Portuguese: curiosoPronunciation for curioso curiosa
  • Romanian: curios curios, curioasă, curioși, curioase
  • Russian: любопытныйPronunciation for любопытный любопытная
  • Spanish: curiosoPronunciation for curioso curiosa
  • Swedish: nyfikenPronunciation for nyfiken nyfiket
  • Thai: อยากรู้อยากเห็นPronunciation for อยากรู้อยากเห็น
  • Turkish: meraklıPronunciation for meraklı
  • Ukrainian: цікавий
  • Vietnamese: tò mòPronunciation for tò mò


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