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faith  (ˈfeɪθ



  1. (= trust) confiance f

    one's faith in sth sa confiance dans qch

    to have faith in sb/sth avoir confiance en qn/qch

    to lose faith in sb ne plus avoir confiance en qn

    to lose faith in sth ≈ ne plus avoir confiance dans qch   ⇒ People have lost faith in the government. Les gens n'ont plus confiance dans le gouvernement.

    to place one's faith in sb mettre sa confiance en qn

    to place one's faith in sth mettre sa confiance dans qch

  2. (= religious belief) foi f

    people of all faiths les gens de toutes confessions

    the Catholic faith la foi catholique

  3. in good faith en bonne foi

'faith' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: ثِقَةإخلاص
  • Brazilian Portuguese:
  • Chinese: 信念
  • Croatian: vjera
  • Czech: víra
  • Danish: tro
  • Dutch: vertrouwen"(delete ""in god"")"
  • European Spanish: fe
  • Finnish: usko
  • French: foi
  • German: Glaube
  • Greek: πίστη
  • Italian: fede
  • Japanese: 信念
  • Korean: 믿음
  • Norwegian: tro
  • Polish: wiara
  • Portuguese:
  • Romanian: încredere încrederi
  • Russian: вера
  • Spanish: fe
  • Swedish: troreligiös
  • Thai: ความศรัทธา
  • Turkish: inanç
  • Ukrainian: віра
  • Vietnamese: niềm tin


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