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fool (ˈfuːl Pronunciation for fool



  1. idiote m f   ⇒ He was a fool to get involved with her. Il a été idiot de s'attacher à elle.

    to make a fool of o.s. se couvrir de ridicule

    to make a fool of sb (= make look foolish) tourner qn en ridicule (= trick) avoir qn, duper qn

    more fool you! (British) quel nigaud!

  2. (history) [of king] bouffon m, fou m

    to play the fool (= mess about) faire lela foufolle

    to act the fool or to play the fool (= behave stupidly) se conduire bêtement

  3. (= dessert) purée f de fruits à la crème

transitive verb

  1. (= trick) berner, duper   ⇒ You can't fool me. Vous ne me la ferez pas., On ne me la fait pas.

    to fool sb into doing sth duper qn pour lui faire faire qch, berner qn pour lui faire faire qch

intransitive verb

  1. to fool with sth (= have dealings with) plaisanter avec qch

    to fool with sb (= take risks) plaisanter avec qn

Similar Words

= simpleton, idiot, mug, berk, charlie, silly, goose, dope, jerk, dummy, ass, clot, plank, sap, prick, wally, illiterate, prat, plonker, coot, moron, nit, git, geek, twit, bonehead, chump, dunce, imbecile, loon, clod, cretin, oaf, bozo, dullard, dimwit, ignoramus, dumbo, jackass, dipstick, dickhead, gonzo, schmuck, dork, nitwit, dolt, blockhead, ninny, divvy, bird-brain, pillock, halfwit, nincompoop, dweeb, putz, fathead, weenie, schlep, eejit, thicko, dumb-ass, pea-brain, gobshite, dunderhead, numpty, doofus, lamebrain, fuckwit, mooncalf, thickhead, clodpate, dickwit, nerd or nurd, numbskull or numskull, twerp or twirp, dorba or dorb, bogan, mampara,
= dupe, butt, mug, sucker, gull, stooge, laughing stock, pushover, fall guy, chump, greenhorn, easy mark
= jester, comic, clown, harlequin, motley, buffoon, pierrot, court jester, punchinello, joculator or (fem.) joculatrix, merry-andrew
= deceive, cheat, mislead, delude, kid, trick, take in, con, stiff, have (someone) on, bluff, hoax, dupe, beguile, gull, swindle, make a fool of, bamboozle, hoodwink, take for a ride, put one over on, play a trick on, pull a fast one on, scam

'fool' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: مُغَفَّلPronunciation for مُغَفَّل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: boboPronunciation for bobo boba
  • Chinese: 傻瓜Pronunciation for 傻瓜
  • Croatian: budalaPronunciation for budala
  • Czech: hlupákPronunciation for hlupák
  • Danish: tåbePronunciation for tåbe
  • Dutch: dwaasPronunciation for dwaas
  • European Spanish: tontoPronunciation for tonto tontaidiota
  • Finnish: typerysPronunciation for typerys
  • French: idiotPronunciation for idiot
  • German: NarrPronunciation for Narr
  • Greek: κορόιδοPronunciation for κορόιδο
  • Italian: buffonePronunciation for buffone
  • Japanese: ばか者Pronunciation for ばか者
  • Korean: 바보Pronunciation for 바보
  • Norwegian: dustPronunciation for dust
  • Polish: głupiecPronunciation for głupiec
  • Portuguese: patetaPronunciation for pateta
  • Romanian: prost proști proaste
  • Russian: дуракPronunciation for дурак дурочка
  • Spanish: tontoPronunciation for tonto tonta
  • Swedish: dumbomPronunciation for dumbom
  • Thai: คนโง่Pronunciation for คนโง่
  • Turkish: ahmakPronunciation for ahmak
  • Ukrainian: дурень
  • Vietnamese: đồ ngốcPronunciation for đồ ngốc
  • Arabic: يُضَلِّلُPronunciation for يُضَلِّلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enganarPronunciation for enganar
  • Chinese: 愚弄Pronunciation for 愚弄
  • Croatian: zavaratiPronunciation for zavarati
  • Czech: napálitPronunciation for napálit
  • Danish: narrePronunciation for narre
  • Dutch: voor de gek houdenPronunciation for voor de gek houden
  • European Spanish: engañarPronunciation for engañar
  • Finnish: huijataPronunciation for huijata
  • French: tromperPronunciation for tromper
  • German: täuschenPronunciation for täuschen
  • Greek: κοροϊδεύωPronunciation for κοροϊδεύω
  • Italian: ingannarePronunciation for ingannare
  • Japanese: だますPronunciation for だます
  • Korean: 속이다Pronunciation for 속이다
  • Norwegian: lurePronunciation for lure
  • Polish: wygłupić sięPronunciation for wygłupić się wygłupiać się
  • Portuguese: enganarPronunciation for enganar
  • Romanian: a păcăli
  • Russian: дурачитьPronunciation for дурачить
  • Spanish: engañarPronunciation for engañar
  • Swedish: luraPronunciation for lura
  • Thai: หลอกPronunciation for หลอก
  • Turkish: kandırmakPronunciation for kandırmak
  • Ukrainian: обдурювати обдурити
  • Vietnamese: đánh lừaPronunciation for đánh lừa


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