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Definitions of garden

garden (ˈɡɑːʳdən Pronunciation for garden



  1. jardin m
    see also cottage garden

intransitive verb

  1. jardiner

Derived Forms

gardens plural noun
  1. (public) jardin m public
  2. (private) parc m

Similar Words

= grounds, park, plot, patch, lawn, allotment, yard, forest park



abbreviation for

  1. (= garden)

'garden' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: حَدِيقَةPronunciation for حَدِيقَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: jardimPronunciation for jardim
  • Chinese: 花园Pronunciation for 花园
  • Croatian: vrtPronunciation for vrt
  • Czech: zahradaPronunciation for zahrada
  • Danish: havePronunciation for have
  • Dutch: tuinPronunciation for tuin
  • European Spanish: jardínPronunciation for jardín
  • Finnish: puutarhaPronunciation for puutarha
  • French: jardinPronunciation for jardin
  • German: GartenPronunciation for Garten Gärten
  • Greek: κήποςPronunciation for κήπος
  • Italian: giardinoPronunciation for giardino
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 庭
  • Korean: 정원Pronunciation for 정원
  • Norwegian: hagePronunciation for hage
  • Polish: ogródPronunciation for ogród
  • Portuguese: jardimPronunciation for jardim
  • Romanian: grădină grădini
  • Russian: садPronunciation for сад
  • Spanish: jardínPronunciation for jardín
  • Swedish: trädgårdPronunciation for trädgård
  • Thai: สวนPronunciation for สวน
  • Turkish: bahçePronunciation for bahçe
  • Ukrainian: сад
  • Vietnamese: vườnPronunciation for vườn


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