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harness  (ˈhɑːʳnɪs



  1. [of horse] harnais m
  2. (also safety harness) harnais m

transitive verb

    1. [resources, power, potential] exploiter
    2. [emotions, skills, talents] exploiter
  1. [animal] atteler

Similar Words

= exploit, control, channel, apply, employ, utilize, mobilize, make productive, turn to account, render useful
= put in harness, couple, saddle, yoke, hitch up, span (South Africa)

'harness' in Other Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: arreios
  • Chinese: 利用
  • European Spanish: arnés
  • French: harnais
  • German: Geschirr
  • Italian: imbracatura
  • Japanese: 安全ベルト
  • Korean: 사람 몸에 메는 마구같은 벨트
  • Portuguese: arreios
  • Spanish: arnés


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