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hearty  (ˈhɑːʳti) 



  1. [person] enthousiaste
  2. [laugh] francfranche
  3. [welcome, congratulations] chaleureuxeuse

    to be in hearty agreement with sth être absolument d'accord avec qch

  4. (= substantial)
    1. [meal] copieuxeuse
    2. [dish] consistante

    a hearty soup une bonne soupe consistante

'hearty' in Other Languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: caloroso
  • Chinese: 喧闹活泼的喧闹鬧活泼潑的
  • European Spanish: campechano campechana
  • French: cordial cordiale
  • German: herzlich
  • Italian: caloroso calorosa
  • Japanese: 元気な
  • Korean: 활기찬
  • Portuguese: caloroso calorosa
  • Spanish: campechano campechana


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