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insult (ˈɪnsʌlt Pronunciation for insult



  1. (= remark) insulte f

    to shout insults at sb crier des insultes à qn

  2. (= affront) insulte f

    an insult to sth une insulte à qch

    an insult to sb's intelligence une insulte à l'intelligence de qn   ⇒ It was an insult to my intelligence. C'était une insulte à mon intelligence.

    to add insult to injury pour ajouter l'insulte à l'injustice

 (ɪnˈsʌlt Pronunciation for

transitive verb

  1. [person] insulter

Similar Words

= offend, abuse, injure, wound, slight, outrage, put down, humiliate, libel, snub, slag (off), malign, affront, denigrate, disparage, revile, slander, displease, defame, hurt (someone's) feelings, call names, give offence to, miscall,
= offence, slight, outrage, snub, slur, affront, rudeness, slap in the face, kick in the teeth, insolence, aspersion,

'insult' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: إِهَانَةٌPronunciation for إِهَانَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: insultoPronunciation for insulto
  • Chinese: 侮辱Pronunciation for 侮辱
  • Croatian: uvredaPronunciation for uvreda
  • Czech: urážkaPronunciation for urážka
  • Danish: fornærmelsePronunciation for fornærmelse
  • Dutch: beledigingPronunciation for belediging
  • European Spanish: insultoPronunciation for insulto
  • Finnish: loukkausPronunciation for loukkaus
  • French: insultePronunciation for insulte
  • German: BeleidigungPronunciation for Beleidigung
  • Greek: προσβολήPronunciation for προσβολή
  • Italian: offesaPronunciation for offesa
  • Japanese: 侮辱Pronunciation for 侮辱
  • Korean: 모욕Pronunciation for 모욕
  • Norwegian: fornærmelsePronunciation for fornærmelse
  • Polish: obrazaPronunciation for obraza
  • Portuguese: insultoPronunciation for insulto
  • Romanian: insultă insulte
  • Russian: оскорблениеPronunciation for оскорбление
  • Spanish: insultoPronunciation for insulto
  • Swedish: förolämpningPronunciation for förolämpning
  • Thai: การดูถูกPronunciation for การดูถูก
  • Turkish: hakaretPronunciation for hakaret
  • Ukrainian: образа
  • Vietnamese: sự lăng mạPronunciation for sự lăng mạ
  • Arabic: يَهِيـنُPronunciation for يَهِيـنُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: insultarPronunciation for insultar
  • Chinese: 侮辱Pronunciation for 侮辱
  • Croatian: uvrijeditiPronunciation for uvrijediti
  • Czech: urazitPronunciation for urazit urážethrubě se dotknout
  • Danish: fornærmePronunciation for fornærme
  • Dutch: beledigenPronunciation for beledigen
  • European Spanish: insultarPronunciation for insultar
  • Finnish: loukataPronunciation for loukata
  • French: insulterPronunciation for insulter
  • German: beleidigenPronunciation for beleidigen
  • Greek: προσβάλλωPronunciation for προσβάλλω
  • Italian: offenderePronunciation for offendere
  • Japanese: 侮辱するPronunciation for 侮辱する
  • Korean: 모욕하다Pronunciation for 모욕하다
  • Norwegian: fornærmePronunciation for fornærme
  • Polish: obrazićPronunciation for obrazić obrażać
  • Portuguese: insultarPronunciation for insultar
  • Romanian: a insulta
  • Russian: оскорблятьPronunciation for оскорблять
  • Spanish: insultarPronunciation for insultar
  • Swedish: förolämpaPronunciation for förolämpa
  • Thai: ดูถูกPronunciation for ดูถูก
  • Turkish: hakaret etmekPronunciation for hakaret etmek
  • Ukrainian: ображати образити
  • Vietnamese: lăng mạPronunciation for lăng mạ


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