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leg (ˈlɛɡ Pronunciation for leg



    1. [of person] jambe f
    2. [of animal] patte f   ⇒ She's broken her leg. Elle s'est cassé la jambe.

    to stretch one's legs se dégourdir les jambes

    to pull sb's leg (= tease) faire marcher qn   ⇒ You're pulling my leg! Tu me fais marcher!

    to be on one's last legs (= be failing) être sur son déclin

    to have legs [idea, plan] tenir debout

  1. [of furniture] pied m
  2. [of trousers, tights] jambe f
  3. [of chicken] cuisse f

    leg of lamb gigot m d'agneau

  4. (= stage) [of journey] étape f
  5. (sport(= match)

    1st leg match m aller   ⇒ Celtic won the first leg 2-0. Celtic a gagné le match aller 2 à 0.

    2nd leg match m retour

transitive verb

  1. (informal)

    to leg it (= run away) prendre ses jambes à son cou, filer (en vitesse)

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'leg' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: رِجْلٌPronunciation for رِجْلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pernaPronunciation for perna
  • Chinese: Pronunciation for 腿
  • Croatian: nogaPronunciation for noga
  • Czech: nohaPronunciation for noha
  • Danish: benPronunciation for ben
  • Dutch: beenPronunciation for been
  • European Spanish: piernaPronunciation for pierna
  • Finnish: jalkaPronunciation for jalkajalkaterästä ylöspäin
  • French: jambePronunciation for jambe
  • German: BeinPronunciation for Bein
  • Greek: πόδιPronunciation for πόδιγάμπα
  • Italian: gambaPronunciation for gamba
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 脚
  • Korean: 다리Pronunciation for 다리
  • Norwegian: beinPronunciation for bein
  • Polish: nogaPronunciation for noga
  • Portuguese: pernaPronunciation for perna
  • Romanian: picior picioare
  • Russian: ногаPronunciation for нога
  • Spanish: piernaPronunciation for pierna
  • Swedish: benPronunciation for bennedre extremitet
  • Thai: ขาPronunciation for ขา
  • Turkish: bacakPronunciation for bacak
  • Ukrainian: нога
  • Vietnamese: chânPronunciation for chân
  • Arabic: رِجْل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: perna
  • Chinese: 桌或椅的
  • Croatian: noga
  • Czech: nohastolu
  • Danish: ben
  • Dutch: poot
  • European Spanish: pata
  • Finnish: jalka
  • French: piedmeuble
  • German: Bein
  • Greek: πόδι
  • Italian: piedi
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 다리
  • Norwegian: ben
  • Polish: nóżka
  • Portuguese: perna
  • Romanian: picior picioare
  • Russian: ножка
  • Spanish: pata
  • Swedish: ben
  • Thai: ขา
  • Turkish: bacak
  • Ukrainian: ніжка
  • Vietnamese: chân


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