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pick up


intransitive verb

  1. (= improve) [trade, economy] reprendre
  2. to pick up where one left off reprendre là où l'on s'est arrêté

separable transitive verb

  1. (= take) prendre
  2. (from the ground, floor) ramasser   ⇒ Could you help me pick up the toys? Tu peux m'aider à ramasser les jouets?

    to pick o.s. up se relever

    to pick o.s up from the floor se relever

  3. [telephone] décrocher
  4. (= collect) passer prendre, venir chercher   ⇒ We'll come to the airport to pick you up. Nous irons vous chercher à l'aéroport.
  5. [hitchhiker] prendre
  6. (= arrest) ramasser   ⇒ The police picked him up within the hour. La police l'a ramassé dans l'heure.

    to be picked up être ramassée   ⇒ He was picked up for drink driving. Il a été ramassé pour conduite en état d'ivresse.

  7. (informal) [man, woman] lever (inf)   ⇒ He'd picked her up in a nightclub. Il l'avait levée dans une boîte de nuit.
  8. (= learn) [language] apprendre   ⇒ I picked up some Spanish during my holiday. J'ai appris quelque mots d'espagnol pendant mes vacances.
  9. [idea] assimiler

    to pick up the idea of sth assimiler l'idée de qch

  10. [infection] attraper
    1. [station] capter
    2. [signal] capter

inseparable transitive verb

  1. to pick up speed prendre de la vitesse

See pick

Similar Words

= improve, recover, rally, get better, bounce back, make progress, make a comeback (informal), perk up, turn the corner, gain ground, take a turn for the better, be on the road to recovery
= recover, improve, rally, get better, mend, perk up, turn the corner, be on the mend, take a turn for the better
= get stronger, strengthen, blow stronger

'pick up' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: يَلْتَقِط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apanhar
  • Chinese: 捡起
  • Croatian: podignuti
  • Czech: zvednout zvedatrukou
  • Danish: samle op
  • Dutch: oppakken
  • European Spanish: recogerlevantar
  • Finnish: nostaa ylös
  • French: relever
  • German: aufhebenGegenstand
  • Greek: σηκώνω
  • Italian: raccogliere
  • Japanese: 持ち上げる
  • Korean: 집어 올리다
  • Norwegian: plukke opp
  • Polish: podnieść podnosić
  • Portuguese: apanhar
  • Romanian: a culege
  • Russian: поднимать
  • Spanish: recogerlevantar
  • Swedish: plocka upp
  • Thai: ยกขึ้น
  • Turkish: yerden almak
  • Ukrainian: підіймати підняти
  • Vietnamese: nâng lên


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