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Scotland (ˈskɒtlənd Pronunciation for Scotland



  1. Écosse f

    in Scotland en Écosse

    to Scotland en Écosse

    from Scotland   ⇒ I'm from Scotland. Je suis écossais.

Similar Words

= north of the border, Caledonia, the land of the brave, Alba

'Scotland' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: اِسْكُتْلانْداPronunciation for اِسْكُتْلانْدا
  • Brazilian Portuguese: EscóciaPronunciation for Escócia
  • Chinese: 苏格兰Pronunciation for 苏格兰
  • Croatian: ŠkotskaPronunciation for Škotska
  • Czech: SkotskoPronunciation for Skotsko
  • Danish: SkotlandPronunciation for Skotland
  • Dutch: SchotlandPronunciation for Schotland
  • European Spanish: EscociaPronunciation for Escocia
  • Finnish: SkotlantiPronunciation for Skotlanti
  • French: ÉcossePronunciation for Écosse
  • German: SchottlandPronunciation for Schottland
  • Greek: ΣκωτίαPronunciation for Σκωτία
  • Italian: ScoziaPronunciation for Scozia
  • Japanese: スコットランドPronunciation for スコットランド
  • Korean: 스코틀랜드Pronunciation for 스코틀랜드
  • Norwegian: SkottlandPronunciation for Skottland
  • Polish: SzkocjaPronunciation for Szkocja
  • Portuguese: EscóciaPronunciation for Escócia
  • Romanian: Scoția
  • Russian: ШотландияPronunciation for Шотландия
  • Spanish: EscociaPronunciation for Escocia
  • Swedish: SkotlandPronunciation for Skotland
  • Thai: ประเทศสกอตแลนด์Pronunciation for ประเทศสกอตแลนด์
  • Turkish: İskoçyaPronunciation for İskoçya
  • Ukrainian: Шотландія
  • Vietnamese: nước ScotlandPronunciation for nước Scotland


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