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stupid  (ˈstjuːpɪd



  1. (= foolish) [person, mistake, joke, question] stupide   ⇒ It's stupid to leave something lying around like that. C'est stupide de laisser traîner quelque chose comme ça.   ⇒ What a stupid thing to do! C'est vraiment stupide de faire une chose pareille!

    a stupid joke une plaisanterie stupide

    don't be stupid! ne sois pas stupide!

    to make sb look stupid faire passer qn pour une imbécile

  2. (expressing annoyance) fichue (before n)   ⇒ The stupid car wouldn't start. Cette fichue voiture refusait de démarrer.

Similar Words

= unintelligent, thick, dumb (informal), simple, slow, dull, dim, dense, sluggish, deficient, crass, gullible, simple-minded, dozy (British) (informal), witless, stolid, dopey (informal), moronic, obtuse, brainless, cretinous, half-witted, slow on the uptake (informal), braindead (informal), dumb-ass (slang), doltish, dead from the neck up, thickheaded, slow-witted, Boeotian, thick as mince (Scottish) (informal), woodenheaded (informal)
= senseless, dazed, groggy, into oblivion, punch-drunk, insensate, semiconscious, into a daze

'stupid' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: غَبِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: estúpido estúpida
  • Chinese: 愚蠢的
  • Croatian: glup glupa
  • Czech: hloupý
  • Danish: dum
  • Dutch: dom
  • European Spanish: estúpido estúpida
  • Finnish: typerä
  • French: stupide
  • German: dumm
  • Greek: κουτός κουτή
  • Italian: stupido stupida
  • Japanese: 愚かな
  • Korean: 바보같은
  • Norwegian: dum
  • Polish: głupi głupia
  • Portuguese: estúpido estúpida
  • Romanian: stupid stupid, stupidă, stupizi stupide
  • Russian: бестолковый бестолковая
  • Spanish: estúpido estúpida
  • Swedish: dum dumt
  • Thai: โง่
  • Turkish: aptal
  • Ukrainian: безглуздий
  • Vietnamese: ngu xuẩn


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