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wing  (ˈwɪŋ



  1. [of bird, insect] aile f   ⇒ The bird flapped its wings furiously. L'oiseau battait furieusement des ailes.

    to spread one's wings (figurative) déployer ses ailes

    to take sb under one's wing prendre qn sous son aile

    to clip sb's wings rogner les ailes de qn

  2. [of plane] aile f
    1. [of building, palace] aile f
    2. [of hospital] pavillon m
  3. [of political organization] aile f
  4. (sport) aile f

    to play on the wing jouer à l'aile

  5. (British) [of car] aile f

    front left wing aile avant gauche

    front right wing aile avant droite

Derived Forms

wings  plural noun (theatre) coulisses fpl: to be waiting in the wings (figurative, figurative) attendre en coulisse

Similar Words

= organ of flight, pinion (poetic), pennon (poetic)
= fly, soar, glide, take wing

'wing' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: جَنَاح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: asa
  • Chinese: 翅膀
  • Croatian: krilo
  • Czech: křídlo
  • Danish: vinge
  • Dutch: vleugel
  • European Spanish: ala
  • Finnish: siipi
  • French: aile
  • German: Flügel Flügel
  • Greek: φτερό
  • Italian: ala
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 날개
  • Norwegian: vinge
  • Polish: skrzydło
  • Portuguese: asa
  • Romanian: aripă aripi
  • Russian: крыло
  • Spanish: ala
  • Swedish: vinge
  • Thai: ปีก
  • Turkish: kanat
  • Ukrainian: крило
  • Vietnamese: cánh
  • Brazilian Portuguese: asa
  • Chinese: 机翼机機翼
  • European Spanish: ala
  • French: aile
  • German: Flügel
  • Italian: ala
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 비행기 날개
  • Portuguese: asa
  • Spanish: ala


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