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angry  (ˈæŋɡrɪ



  1. zornig
    1. letter, look, animal wütend
      ⇒ to be angry wütend sein   ⇒ to be angry with or at sb über jdn verärgert sein   ⇒ to be angry at or about sth sich über etw acc ärgern   ⇒ to get angry (with or at sb/about sth) (mit jdm/über etw acc) böse werden   ⇒ you're not angry (with me), are you? du bist (mir) doch nicht böse(, oder)?   ⇒ to be angry with oneself sich über sich acc selbst ärgern   ⇒ to make sb angry (stressing action) jdn ärgern (stressing result), jdn verärgern
  2. (figurative)
    1. sea aufgewühlt
    2. sky, clouds finster

Similar Words

= furious, cross, heated, mad (informal), raging, provoked, outraged, annoyed, passionate, irritated, raving, hacked (off) (US) (slang), choked, pissed (taboo) (slang), infuriated, hot, incensed, enraged, ranting, exasperated, irritable, resentful, nettled, snappy, indignant, pissed off (taboo) (slang), irate, tumultuous, displeased, uptight (informal), riled, up in arms, incandescent, ill-tempered, irascible, antagonized, waspish, piqued, hot under the collar (informal), on the warpath, hopping mad (informal), foaming at the mouth, choleric, splenetic, wrathful, at daggers drawn, in high dudgeon, as black as thunder, ireful, fit to be tied (slang), tooshie (Australian) (slang), off the air (Australian) (slang), aerated

'angry' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: غَاضِب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: com raiva
  • Chinese: 愤怒的
  • Croatian: ljut ljuta
  • Czech: rozzlobený
  • Danish: vred
  • Dutch: boos
  • European Spanish: enfadado enfadada
  • Finnish: vihainen
  • French: en colère
  • German: wütend
  • Greek: θυμωμένος θυμωμένη
  • Italian: arrabbiato arrabbiata
  • Japanese: 怒った
  • Korean: 화난
  • Norwegian: sint
  • Polish: zły złarozgniewany
  • Portuguese: zangado zangada
  • Romanian: furios furioasă, furioși, furioase
  • Russian: сердитый сердитая
  • Spanish: enfadado enfadada
  • Swedish: arg argt
  • Thai: โกรธ
  • Turkish: kızgın
  • Ukrainian: сердитий
  • Vietnamese: tức giận


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