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biscuit (ˈbɪskɪt Pronunciation for biscuit



  1. (British) Keks m, Biskuit nt (Sw)
    1. (= dog biscuit) Hundekuchen m
      ⇒ that takes/you take the biscuit! (British, informal) das übertrifft alles
  2. (US) Brötchen nt

'biscuit' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: بَسْكَوِيتPronunciation for بَسْكَوِيت
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bolachaPronunciation for bolacha
  • Chinese: 饼干Pronunciation for 饼干
  • Croatian: keksPronunciation for keks
  • Czech: sušenkaPronunciation for sušenka
  • Danish: kiksPronunciation for kiks
  • Dutch: biscuitPronunciation for biscuit
  • European Spanish: galletaPronunciation for galleta
  • Finnish: keksiPronunciation for keksi
  • French: biscuitPronunciation for biscuit
  • German: KeksPronunciation for Keks
  • Greek: μπισκότοPronunciation for μπισκότο
  • Italian: biscottoPronunciation for biscotto
  • Japanese: ビスケットPronunciation for ビスケット
  • Korean: 비스킷Pronunciation for 비스킷
  • Norwegian: kjeksPronunciation for kjeks
  • Polish: herbatnikPronunciation for herbatnik
  • Portuguese: bolachaPronunciation for bolacha
  • Romanian: biscuit biscuiți
  • Russian: печеньеPronunciation for печенье
  • Spanish: galletaPronunciation for galleta
  • Swedish: kexPronunciation for kex
  • Thai: ขนมปังกรอบPronunciation for ขนมปังกรอบ
  • Turkish: bisküviPronunciation for bisküvi
  • Ukrainian: печиво
  • Vietnamese: bánh quyPronunciation for bánh quy


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