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  1. chemische Reinigung



transitive verb

  1. chemisch reinigen   ⇒ to have a dress dry-cleaned ein Kleid chemisch reinigen lassen

'dry-cleaning' in Other Languages

  • Arabic: تَنْظِيفٌّ جافّPronunciation for تَنْظِيفٌّ جافّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lavagem a secoPronunciation for lavagem a seco
  • Chinese: 干洗Pronunciation for 干洗
  • Croatian: kemijsko čišćenjePronunciation for kemijsko čišćenje
  • Czech: chemické čištěníPronunciation for chemické čištění
  • Danish: kemisk rensningPronunciation for kemisk rensning
  • Dutch: chemisch reinigenPronunciation for chemisch reinigen
  • European Spanish: limpieza en secoPronunciation for limpieza en seco
  • Finnish: kuivapesuPronunciation for kuivapesu
  • French: pressingPronunciation for pressing
  • German: chemische ReinigungPronunciation for chemische Reinigung
  • Greek: στεγνό καθάρισμαPronunciation for στεγνό καθάρισμα
  • Italian: pulitura a seccoPronunciation for pulitura a secco
  • Japanese: ドライクリーニングPronunciation for ドライクリーニング
  • Korean: 드라이클리닝Pronunciation for 드라이클리닝
  • Norwegian: rensingPronunciation for rensing
  • Polish: czyszczenie chemicznePronunciation for czyszczenie chemiczne
  • Portuguese: limpeza a secoPronunciation for limpeza a seco
  • Romanian: curățare chimică curățări chimice
  • Russian: химическая чисткаPronunciation for химическая чистка
  • Spanish: lavado en secoPronunciation for lavado en seco
  • Swedish: kemtvättPronunciation for kemtvätt
  • Thai: การซักแห้งPronunciation for การซักแห้ง
  • Turkish: kuru temizlemePronunciation for kuru temizleme
  • Ukrainian: хімчистка
  • Vietnamese: sự giặt khô là hơiPronunciation for sự giặt khô là hơi


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